Why the Prospect Centre logo is a robust tree.

Prospects Logo.png

Our tree represents potential and growth built on a strong foundation at its core and in its root philosophy. That foundation is the Orton-Gillingham Approach for teaching which a rich enduring form of instruction. It is the perfect process for teaching every child who is struggling to learn or improve their basic skills.

If you are seeking support for your child, it’s important to know that Orton Gillingham instruction is highly successful but it is not a quick fix formula. Strong, durable learning takes time. At Prospect Centre, Orton Gillingham teaching has these elements at its core so your child will succeed.

Potential – Each student is an individual with strengths that are developed and strengthened through individual lessons for each and every student.

Discovery – While focussing on these strengths our practitioners learn daily what works best to maximize learning and retention for each individual child. Thus, our students discover the best way they learn, so all learning both inside and outside of Prospect Centre is made stronger.

Outlook – our students begin to see themselves as strong learners. They are able to navigate learning challenges with the skills, tools and deep understanding of their own learning needs. 


We believe everyone has valuable traits, and therefore everyone can develop those into real skills and worthwhile contributions to life. Contact us at info@prospectcentre.ca anytime.