The Prospect Centre for Multisensory Learning


 .... is a community of dedicated Orton-Gillingham practitoners, certified by the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors (O-G) and related professionals.
The Prospect Centre is about "potential, discovery, and outlook"-- all definitions of the word "prospect" and what we see as latent in every learner.
Executive Director Marilyn Wardrop, is a Founding Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors (Orton-Gillingham) and Honorary Fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (US). She has been involved with teaching children with dyslexia and learning disabilities over 25 years. She has designed and taught Math Workshops which combine a unique approach to help students be successful and independent while working on their math skills and curriculum. Marilyn's workshops are designed to provide teachers, tutors and parents with additional hands-on training.
In addition to being an international speaker and Orton-Gillingham instructor, she mentors O-G tutors from around the world. The Prospect Centre for Multisensory Learning melds Marilyn's skills and experience as a teacher and trainer with her passion for helping families with learners with differences.