I would like to thank Marilyn, Tracey (at reception) and my daughter’s teacher for their dedication in making the Prospect Centre a success. I know there are many other wonderful staff as well that are a part of this team. I just don’t know them all yet!   My daughter Lyla has been a student for over a year and a half and the Orton-Gillingham approach has worked beautifully for her. She has  a wonderful, thoughtful instructor who makes learning fun and interesting for Lyla. Her self-esteem has blossomed and so have her grades!   Thank you so much for all you do in helping our children succeed in reaching their goals. 

Tracey Ferland

Thank you for helping me with my Grade 10 Math!
After failing to pass the grade 10 Math course at my high school I was very frustrated and was left feeling a bit defeated. It really affected my confidence. Upon talking to someone at the Prospect Centre, my parents and I decided to try a different approach and have me take the course over again, working one to one with a Prospect Math instructor. I am happy to report that after a lot of hard work , I passed the course with a B+ grade! I have never received such a good grade in Math before. Thank you for all of your support, I will be back again if need be in the future.

Ryan, High School Student

Emma really enjoys her Orton-Gillingham lessons and it has been so beneficial for her. Both my husband and I are always commenting on what a positive impact it's had on her learning! Thank you so much, we really appreciate all of your help! 


My 10 year old son, has been coming to the centre for the last 2 years for assistance in mathematics. I have seen a dramatic improvement in his math skills, reflected in his marks and his once lack on confidence, has now dramatically improved and he is happier to know that he can tackle difficult math questions. With the aid of his instructor, he now enjoys doing his homework, and he feel more confident and relieved he has someone to turn to when he needs the assistance. 

Rosa, Relieved Mom

For many years our daughter’s school work was a major source of frustration and tears. In grade 5 we enrolled her at the Prospect Centre utilizing their Home-School Support Program. The one-on-one education she received there was outstanding! The staff are compassionate professionals that totally understood how to teach her in a way that complemented her multi-sensory style of learning. This year our daughter is confidently enrolled in grade 6 at our local school and is doing very well. She continues to attend the Prospect Centre twice per week for language and math support. The year she spent in the Home-School Support Program is by far the best investment we could ever have made in our child’s education. 

Marlene Taylor Parent - South Surrey