Who are our students?

  • Our students range in age between four years of age to adolescents.
  • Many have learning differences and have been diagnosed with Dyslexia, or Learning Disabilities. Others do not have a specific designation, yet they struggle with reading, writing, spelling or math in school. Often they are referred to us by psychologists, teachers, doctors, and other professionals.
  • We know all students want to learn, even if they are not aware of this. Many have a different way of processing information, a unique learning pace or learn in a different way. They require help with Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Math Skills.
  • Some attend schools that are not able to meet their needs, and some are home-schooled.
  • Every one of them has the ability to learn and they often experience dramatic progress, increased confidence and self esteem.
  • Every student is a unique and important person, and is treated as such. We never give up!

Who can diagnose Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities?

The diagnosis of dyslexia or learning disabilities requires a psychological assessment done by a registered psychologist. A report is provided by the psychologist and explained to the parent(s) of the student.

Some families have benefit plans through their employers that may cover part of this cost. Public school boards employ educational psychologists to do this testing with no charge to parents. Extensive waiting lists are common for school testing.

Can parents refer other parents to Prospect Centre?

We welcome referrals from parents who have heard about our centre and those who have already experienced learning success at the Prospect Centre.

What hours is the Prospect Centre open?

  • Lessons are scheduled between 9:00 am and 7:30 pm, Monday - Thursday. 
  • Office reception hours are 11:00 am - 6:00 pm. Messages are welcome and calls are returned promptly.
  • We are closed during statutory holidays, Christmas and Spring breaks, and maintain a schedule similar to the Surrey School District public schools.

Who are our Instructors?

  • The Prospect Centre Orton-Gillingham (OG) practitioners have all completed specialized certification training in the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching from an accredited training program. 
  • They have certification at the Associate level with the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors (Orton-Gillingham) (CATT OG) and are committed to ongoing professional development. 
  • Many have also completed the Multisensory Math Specialty Certification as well. 
  • The Prospect staff enjoy the team approach to problem solving and mentoring provided by the Prospect Centre. 
  • We recognize that one individual practitioner cannot possibly know every combination of Orton-Gillingham techniques for unlocking their students' strengths and potential. Working together our expertise is heightened and our students benefit. 
  • Prospect instructors worked with children in other capacities such as teaching and specialized therapy. Many are parents themselves. 
  • All or our instructors believe in providing an emotionally sound, confidence building approach to teaching and are committed to our students success. 

How will I know if this is the appropriate teaching approach for my child?

  • At the Prospect Centre we strive to ensure that each and every student achieves progress and sees success. To ensure that it is a good "match" for both the student and the instructor, we will always begin with an intake meeting to gather as much information as possible and answer any questions you may have. 
  • This meeting is free of obligation and cost, and takes place with the parents and the Office Manager or Executive Director. Please call reception at 604-536-7704 to book an appointment.

Will I receive updates on my child's progress?

  • An initial progress report is provided to parents in the form of a written report after the initial 8 weeks of lessons takes place. After reviewing the report, parents are welcomed and encouraged to ask any questions they may have and/or book a meeting to discuss the progress report. 
  • After the initial 8 week report, regular reports are received once per school term, similar to the public school reporting schedule.

What is the cost of tutoring?

  • Students attend a minimum of 2 sessions per week in order to achieve consistency and retention of new skills. However, many students attend more often depending on their individual needs. Each student's tuition will depend on the number of sessions per week required by the student. 
  • Please call reception to discuss enrollment details. We are pleased to answer any questions you may have. In fact questions are welcome!

What kind of commitment is required?

Our sessions run from September to June throughout the school year, and the tuition is pro-rated over that period of time for your benefit. 

Are lesson materials and supplies provided?

Yes, at the Prospect Centre we supply all curriculum, supplies and materials required for Orton-Gillingham Language and Math lessons. Homeschooling students must provide any other special instructional materials.

Is tutoring available for curriculum support?

We believe in building effective independent academic skills. Some subject support, particularly in writing and math skills, is available by special arrangement. Please contact reception for details.

I understand the Prospect Centre generally follows the public school schedule, but do you also offer summer lessons?

Yes, at the Prospect Centre we realize that summer is a great time to learn and acquire new skills!  We also know that families need to plan for vacations. Because of this, we normally hold two 3 week sessions, one in July and one in August, to leave time for that much needed vacation.

Summer dates will be posted on our web site calendar in June.  

Students may register for one or both summer sessions. Morning and afternoon lessons are held Monday – Thursday during the Summer Sessions.