Yes! You Should Teach Math to Preschool and First Grade Students

Young children love to touch and feel concrete objects. They love to move and immerse themselves in their surroundings. They are curious about everything around them. Maria Montessori knew this and incorporated sensory activities into early learning lessons. 

Deborah Stipek, a Stanford University professor and former dean of education, has researched how children learn math and best teaching practices for success with math.  She has long predicted that we are not paying enough attention to math instruction in schools. Early math instruction provides children with a strong foundation to build on just as it does for literacy. Her research as well as that of others, points out how, “Math can predict reading success and failure.” 

The research is supporting the statement, but so far the reason is not really confirmed. It is thought that perhaps it is related to executive function.  Further research points to how high school math failure begins with early number knowledge in first grade. Preschool children and first graders can learn to love math if it is taught through multisensory methods. 

This is where a passion for math begins, or at the least it eliminates failure. Learn more about Stipek’s research and recommendations for early learners here.

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