The Prospect Centre for Learning is Hiring!

The Prospect Centre for Multisensory Learning in White Rock/South Surrey is currently hiring qualified OG practitioners. 

At Prospect we know that some children learn differently. That’s why our innovative Orton Gillingham approach is highly individualized; evidence based and designed to meet the learning needs of each student. 

Interested applicants require Orton-Gillingham certification and CATT membership among their other qualifications. Academy certification may be in process if the applicant is qualified. 

After school hours are required. Please send resume and cover letter to the attention of our Executive Director:

The Prospect Centre for Multisensory Learning is an academic Orton-Gillingham based remediation centre. Prospect Centre utilizes a team approach that optimizes students’ instruction through a collaborative approach led by the Executive Director and including the Office Manager, and OG Practitioners. 

Each staff member’s expertise, creativity and unwavering commitment to each and every student result in the success of our program as we provide educational therapy in reading, spelling, writing and math to students with dyslexia and other learning challenges. 

Extended benefits are available for full time employees 20+ hours/ week when those positions are available. A portion of the employee's work schedule may include completion of curriculum materials for the centre and occasional reception/office duties to assist the Office Manager when she is otherwise engaged 

To learn more about our centre, visit our website at:

We look forward to hearing from you. Resumes and cover letters will be received at

References will be contacted during office hours. Only individuals whose resumes suggest they are suitable for the position will be contacted by email for an interview during office hours. 

We look forward to hearing from you.