Teacher Enrichment Training for Math and Literacy

Featuring courses to enhance Orton-Gillingham literacy interventions and Classroom Instruction for students who struggle in school due to learning difficulties such as dyslexia, written output and math difficulties. (Suitable for Orton-Gillingham Certified Specialists, teachers and paraprofessionals that are passionate about providing the best instruction for their students based on current research for best practices in education.)

Why OG Enrichment Training?

Well-documented evidence shows learners with dyslexia, learning difficulties and learning disabilities will cope best with their problems if the nature of their dyslexia or learning challenge is understood early. This means that teachers will need training as soon as possible in methods adapted to these learners` needs.

These OG Academic Courses offered through the Prospect Centre for Multisensory Learning are comprised of expert training in multisensory language & math instruction that includes adaptations for students with working memory and processing problems.

Training is offered in a couple different formats, in person or online.