The OG Academic Math approach is to focus on the basics while using visual and interactive demonstrations so that students understand "why" as well as "how" for each math concept and topic.

Lessons focus on developing essential math skills and fluency while combining continual, ongoing assessment. This is known as diagnostic, perscriptive instruction.

The application of the Orton-Gillingham methodology is based on the use of a multisensory approach for teaching language and mathematics. Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic patterns reinforce each other for optimal learning, and provide flexibility for accommodating individual learning differences.

Orton-Gillingham teaching strategies are beneficial to all learners. The emphasis is on step-by-step development of skill that has proven essential to both early success and lasting results.

For some students, mathematics is a road traveled in small steps. A successful multisensory approach leads the student through small increments of understanding toward unifying themes in mathematics. Student’s strengths and needs must be recognized and addressed with built-in "checks for error," as well as a built-in system for building confidence and competence.